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Respect the training, honour the commitment, cherish the results


Our Ethos

Established in 2012, Basingstoke Freestyle Kickboxing are a progressive and inclusive martial arts club and although we respect the years of tradition that form the basis of most martial arts,  it is important not to dwell on the past but adapt to today’s environment. 


We pride ourselves on the high level of coaching and we are confident that once you have tried a class you will return,  that’s why we offer your first classes free! 

We believe that anyone can participate in kickboxing and regardless of age,  gender or fitness and whether your aim is to get fit,  lose weight,  or make an impact on the competition circuit, there is a place for you at BFK.

Why not book a class and try it out?



Our Classes


Little Warriors

Ages 5 - 7 

Junior Class

Ages 7 - 13

Adult Class

Ages 14+


Our Coaches

Our coaching team are fully committed to helping you to achieve your kickboxing aims. 


The senior coaches have been involved in the sport for nearly 30 years each at all levels.


They have, and still do compete internationally and they have all represented their respective national teams at major championships.


More importantly they have coached students to this level, but they are equally at home coaching those who simply wish to get fitter too. 

Regardless of your aims our coaches will adapt their style and level to suit you. All that they ask is that you come to a class and give it your best shot.

With this level of expertise and experience within the coaching team you can be confident that they continue to push themselves to provide the very best and most up to date coaching experience available.


Our Students

“I love the ethos of the club, the welcome and the atmosphere. The encouragement and patience shown is amazing”


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