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BFK Students Strike Gold at the World Championships

We are incredibly proud to announce that Stu Roshier, Chris O'Grady, and Ryan O'Grady struck Gold at the World Championships in Cardiff.

After progressing through the eliminations during the week, with some extremely challenging fights, all 3 fighters found themselves fighting on the final day of the tournament!

The arena was set up with only one mat, enabling a large number of spectators to view from the terraced seating around the arena, the noise and atmosphere in the room was incredible!

The finals were over 2 rounds, with Chris delivering an incredible come back with 30 seconds left, and being a number of points down, he finished the fight 2 points ahead, before having his arm raised.

Stu was level in the final after 2 rounds, extra time. and found the extra level in sudden death extra time to get the final and winning point.

Ryan was as cool as cucumber against his German fighter, He didn't give him an inch and tactically took his German opponent apart.

We know that rewards come to those who give everything they have and all 3 fighters did that with bells on.

Were all incredibly proud of them and their achievement.

Listen and learn from them at training, they have plenty of advice to give!

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