Successful Black Belt Grading!

After a full 12 months of preparation, Saturday 3rd of November saw 4 BFK Students take their black belt grading. The students are assessed on their technical ability, by demonstrating effective techniques and combinations across a number of kickboxing disciplines including, Pointfighting, Light Contact and Full Contact. They also have to demonstate their tactical awareness by undertaking pressure drills and finish their test with around 30 rounds of padwork, bagwork and sparring!

Not only do they need to demonstrate a very high level of skill, and fitness (to last 5 hours under pressure) but they also need to show that they wont give up.

The Grading Panel were pleased to confirm that Christian Hamilton, Craig Ashford, Ryan O'Grady and Kian Norval demonstrated an excellent skill level and they were proudly awarded their Black Belt.

For the club this is particularly significant as they were four of the first students to walk through the door for our very first training session nearly 6 years ago.

Some reading this may think the new black belts have acheived all they need to, but they all have the abition to ensure they continue to progress.

Now the learning begins!

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