2018 Seminar with Dean Barry!!

As part of our ongoing strategy to bring the Very Best Coaches to train BFK. We are delighted to announce that USA All Star & multiple World Kickboxing Champion Dean Barry will be joinging BFK on 10th March 2018 to put us through our paces. Dean has won all of the most pretigious titles over a number of years including....

WAKO senior world champion WAKO junior European champion WAKO junior world champion WKC world champion WOMAA world champion 7x Senior national Irish champion 4x senior Irish open champion 2x junior Irish open champion 4x Belgium open champion 4x bristol open champion 4x WAKO world cup best fighter champion Italy 2x Amerikick national champion Philadelphia North American open winner las vegas.

Dean Is currently preparing for his MMA Debut, fighting out of the famous Tristar Gym in Montreal, Canada. Not only fighting alongside side UFC Greats such as Georges St Pierre & Vitor Belfort, but also form

ing part of their coaching team.

Im sure you will agree, Dean will have plenty of knowledge he can pass on. Further details to follow shortly.....................................

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