Timmy Sarantoudis joins us once again!

I am delighted to confirm that Timmy Sarantoudis is once again coming to train BFK on Saturday 30th September from 09:00 to 13:00!

Timmy needs no introduction here, as well as being one of the best martial artist in the world, this will be the third time he has visited us.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of taking part in one of Timmys classes, they are high energy, informative and fun. Regardless of your skill level you will learn plenty.

As a few of us found out last time, Timmy is happy to put the gloves on and spar with us, which gives us all an appreciation of just how fast he is.

This is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed, if you are unsure, please consider that the instructors and high grades at the club were the first names on the list.

Please speak to one of your instructors if you would like more information or to reserve your place.



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