Students Complete 5 Hour Grading!

Saturday July 22nd saw nearly 40 students take their grading in a 5 hour display of technique, stamina, mental strength and character. Students are tested on basic techniques, combinations, defences, as well as displaying their ability on punchbags, focus pads, kick paddles, not to mention numerous rounds of points and light contact sparring.

Students tackled all grades from yellow belt through to brown belt, and the youngest student was just 5. We believe that grading should be a challenge, you have to earn that belt, or it is simply not worth having. you wont find gradings split over multiple training sessions at this club!

As always, our students responded to the challenge we set them, and although the task was arduous the majority of them completed it successfully and are now sporting their well deserved new belts!

It was particularly pleasing to see a large number of the higher grades assist on the day, with guiding the younger students and providing much needed encouragement.

I am very proud of you all, and look forward to working hard towards our next grade, although there is the small matter of a summer holiday and the upcoming black belt grading to get through first.

Well Done :)


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