Frequently asked questions

Are you regulated by a Governing Body?

We are regulated by The WKA. The WKA insists that their coaches are competent, Insured, CRB checked, First Aid trained and embark on continual professional development. Therefore you can be confident that you are being taught in a safe environment.

How old does my child have to be?

This depends on the childs maturity and attention span, which can vary widely among individuals. Children can train with us from 4 years old. This should be considered on a child by child basis, and we are happy to discuss further with parents.

Can I just turn up and train or do I have to book?

Choose the class that suits you and just turn up. There is no need to book, you can take part if you wish or just watch a class - either way you will be made very welcome.

What do I need to bring to my first kickboxing class?

All you need is some comfortable clothes to train in - jogging bottoms and t-shirt is fine. A bottle of water and a towel is suggested too!

Do I have to be fit to start kickboxing?

Weight and fitness are not a barrier to starting. It's our job to get you fit and in shape, I can guarantee that if you train regularly you will soon get in shape.

Will I get hurt?

There is no doubt kickboxing training is rigorous, bruises and sore muscles are not uncommon. Serious injuries are extremely uncommon; kickboxing emphasises physical and mental control as well as respect for your training partner, resulting in a sport that is considerably safer than many other popular sports such as football or rugby.

Who will I partner?

The ideal answer would be - bring a friend! If not, we will partner you with another student of similar sex/height/weight. If thats not possible, one of the black belts will gladly help.

Does the club have a uniform?

Yes. however it is optionals, students can train in what they feel comfortable wearing. Often as students become more involed they want to wear the uniform, but there is no obligation.

I have no martial arts experience, is this a problem?

Absolutely not. Our kickboxing classes are ideal for beginners or competent fighters. We will start you off slowly, teaching you the basic techniques. As your experience grows we show you more difficult techniques and how to apply them. Our instructors and students have all been a beginner at some point, they fully understand how it feels to walk into a class for the first time, and therefore only want to help.

What kickboxing equipment is needed?

Safety kit is important; however we encourage people to purchase the kit as their experience grows, rather than in advance. The safety equipment needed for kickboxing classes include; Gloves, shin guards, kick boots, mouth guard, head guard and groin guard (for men) or chest guard (for women). However we have equipment you can borrow initially. Clearly it would not be appropriate for you to purchase full equipment when you are still establishing whether the sport is for you!

How often would I be expected to train?

This is entirely up to you. Some students train once a week, others four times a week - It really is your choice. No pressure from us.

Can i train with you if I have trained in another martial art?

You are welcome to train with us regardless of who you have, or currently train with. Some of our members train in different styles in addition to training with BFK.

Do you offer grading?

We have a fully structured grading syllabus. Grading is optional however. There is no pressure to undertake gradings should you prefer not to. Although we believe challenging yourself is the best way to obtain good results and it is a good measure of your progress too. Our Senior instructor is a 4th Dan in kickboxing therefore you are able to progress to black belt and beyond, an important point to consider when looking at martial arts clubs

I want to learn Kickboxing with BFK. What should I do next?

Feel free to pop down to one of the sessions for a free introductory class. Simply let us know when you wish to visit us via the contact us link.