So you've been through this website and are still unsure whether the club is for you or your children. Read through our testimonials below and then decide.

"My son has been part of the BFK classes for just over a year and in that time he has grown in so many ways. He originally joined to fill the gap and have a go at something new but it's grown into so much more than that. He has made new friends, learned new skills and developed a passion for something new. To be part of something like the BFK team is really special. The recent grading event was incredible. To be in that room watching the children and adults work together to get each and every member over that finish line was so inspiring. I love that my son is part of that. Steve, Stu and the other senior members are so passionate it cannot help but rub off on everyone who steps through those doors."  Jessica 

"Two years ago my now 8 year old son had zero confidence, a really awkward stutter and serious issues communicating with peers and adults. His internal dialogue was negative and he truly believed that he was ‘rubbish’ at everything , meaning it was a real struggle to get him to try anything new from sports right through to school work. He wouldn’t even attend birthday parties or playdates, which for a parent is heart breaking.
Today, after 2 years consistent training at BFK and about 2 years exposure on the peripheral, he is not only a kickboxing Purple belt but a confident, happy little soul that can (and will) talk to anyone about anything. He has taken up new sports which he is excelling at and is constantly seeking new, exciting challenges, the latest of these being learning to play the guitar! I truly believe that we have the way BFK promotes the fundamentals of martial arts to thank for this turnaround in him. Respect, discipline and control are taught by many forms of martial arts but BFK takes it one step further and I will be forever grateful to Steve, Stu and the BFK coaching team. I’m not sure what it is but it works and I wish I could bottle it!" 
T's Mum

"I joined BFK in January 16 not really understanding much about the club and martial arts. I started really to improve my fitness but didn't think for one moment I would still be attending over a year and a half later with three belts to my name!!
I love the ethos of the club, the welcome and the atmosphere. The encouragement and patience shown is amazing. From the highest belts to the lower belts. I love that through being a member of this group that I've learnt things about myself and am doing things I never thought I would. It's martial arts but it's also so much more. It's an amazing place to be on a Wednesday evening and a Saturday morning. I am so glad I made the decision to go one Saturday morning. It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made!!"  

"My son joe suffered from anxiety and wouldn't leave our side for fear of the unknown, it was a real problem and he never wanted to go anywhere or do anything if it meant leaving us, I came across the free sessions being advertised at BFK on Facebook so asked Joe if he wanted to go to see what it was like and he has never looked back! He's started in the kids class where the BFK team helped him overcome his feelings and come out of his shell...he then moved from the kids class to the adult class  and has now taken his first grading belt and almost completely overcome the anxiety issues he had, I can't thank Steve and the BFK team for all the fantastic work they do for all of the kids and especially my son who is enjoying every session he goes to. " A huge thanks from Helaine & Trev

"The freestyle nature of BFK has proven perfect for my tournament shy 12 year-old son. He has been fighting with BFK for 6 years, initially on the competitive scene but lately, due to other sporting and school commitments, he has decided to step away from competing and focus instead on improving his skills, keeping up his cardio fitness and perfecting technique. This has not only been accepted by the club, but promoted. He feels that  everyone at the club is there to support what he wants to achieve rather than something prescribed by a curriculum, which encourages him to come out of his shell and assist with coaching and developing those younger, or in some cases older but less experienced, than him. He has surprised us all in his ability at such a young age to impart knowledge and he is given plenty of opportunity and support by the BFK coaches to develop his coaching, mentoring and refereeing skills. Whatever it is that you are looking for, BFK is the place for you!"  Mrs N